Here’s How To Become An Organ Donor

Register with the Indie88 Organ Donor

Thursday April 19th, The Josie Dye Show will be broadcasting from The CRAFT Beer Market from 12PM to 7PM with the goal of having 1000 people sign up to be organ and tissue donors in one day. They will be sharing stories from transplant recipients, living donors, and talking to family members directly affected by organ and tissue donation.

Did you know, every three days someone dies in Ontario because the life-saving organ transplant they need is not available. 32% of Ontarians have registered to be a donor, but only 22% in the city of Toronto. That number is far too low. 1500 people are waiting for organ transplants in Ontario and many more for tissue transplants. It takes two minutes to register online.

One person can save up to 8 lives. Sign up below.