Here’s How To Find The Most Timeless Songs Of All Time

Using Spotify play counts measured against Billboard charts

What makes a song truly timeless?

Matt Daniels of Polygraph, a publication that uses data to drive storytelling has taken it upon themselves to answering that question. As the Daniels explains, up until now we judge how “timeless” a song is by how popular it was at the time of its release and how well it placed on the Billboard charts during that time. Now with the advent of Spotify, we can actually keep track of how popular songs continue to be.

Polygraph has created an interactive webpage that borrows information from Spotify, and pits that information against the Billboard charts. You can select an artist or a time period and see how well your favorite songs do against the rest of them.


Hint: Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” may be the most popular song ever.