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Here’s The Best 90s Candy You Totally Forgot Were A Thing

Here’s The Best 90s Candy You Totally Forgot Were A Thing

I can picture it now. My fifth grade friends and I would tease our bangs before riding our bikes to the corner store. We’d get a big bag of five cent candies, some of the 90s candy you’ll see here, and then come home to play Super Mario Brothers for hours and hours.

90s were the freaking best. Such simple times. We’d eat candy until we were nauseous and then eat some more. No diets. No concern for our health. It was all about the sugar and the boys also hanging out at the corner store, and the colour our tongues would turn from the 90s candy.

Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane and check out some 90s candy and snacks, shall we?

1) Astro Pops

90s candy
Image: @mytreatlove on Instagram

Just looking at this pic fills me with a surprisingly strong nostalgia. I can recall the sound the plastic would make peeling off of the sugary goodness of Astro Pop.

This iconic sucker has actually made a recent return, with the catchphrase: “Bringing the pops back to the people!”.

2) Bubble Tape by Hubba Bubba

90s candy
Image: @ilovecandycorner on Instagram

So. Much. Fun. I think the taste of this stuff lasted about 27 seconds, but the whole concept of the tape and pulling it out and putting it in your mouth and letting some hang out. Those were the days when your friends had to actually look at you and laugh cuz you weren’t posting pics like this on the ‘gram.

90s candy
Image: @gumvibe on Instagram

3) BubbleJug by Hubba Bubba

90s candy
Image: @relivethe90s on Instagram

This post isn’t sponsored by Hubba Bubba, I swear. It seems they just really nailed it with the gum options back in the day.

4) Big League Chew

Image: @all.things.1990s on Instagram

Oh man this brings back memories! I didn’t even realize they stopped selling Big League Chew. However, I guess I haven’t really looked for it in 20 years or so. *Ahem* make that 30. Wow.

5) Sweet and Sour Treats

90s candy
Image: @80sthen80snow on Instagram

Holy heck that Cherry Clan branding is horrifically off-beat! Oh the things we had no idea to look for when we were young. I gotta say though… the Lemonheads logo kinda makes me salivate tbh.

6) Dweebs

90s candy
Image: @dwofnj on Instagram

Wow, I remember this Nerds spinoff so well. These are no longer available, and in fact are such an obscure offering that you can hardly find anything about them on the internet.

P.S. I think we should bring back calling people “dweebs”. I’ll start.


90s candy
Image: @that80sand90spage on Instagram

This one just made me way too excited. Where did Fun Dip go? I need it in my life again, por favor.

8) Pop Rocks

90s candy
Image: @lulumika on Instagram

Now that I think of it, the sensation these created was pretty weird. But nonetheless, this 90s candy goes down in history as some of the most memorable, for sure.


90s candy
Image: @dampf_company on Instagram

I keep resisting the urge to add exclamation points to these headings. Runts! Remember these?? So… hard. And crunchy. And DELICIOUS. #bringbackrunts

10) Shark Bites

90s candy
Image: @therightstuffto on Instagram

To this day, the commercial for Shark Bites rings in my head when I’m approaching something dangerous: “Just when you thought it was safe to eat Shark Bites…”

You’ve got to eat them before they eat you, after all.

Well, 90s child… I hope you feel a profound sense of catharsis from re-visiting the candy of your childhood. May 90s candy continue to bond us.

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