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Here’s the List of Ontario Grocery Stores That Will Sell Wine

The day is coming! Ontario grocery stores will soon begin selling wine, but as always there’s a catch.

Not every grocery store is awarded a licenses to sell, rather the LCBO held a competitive bidding war of a mix of big-box and independent grocers.

All participating stores have to abide by the AGCO’s guidelines that limit hours of sale, packaging sizes and alcohol content, as well mandates that all staff involved in wine sales must participate in LCBO responsibility training.

The Ontario government says that up to 300 stores will be able to sell wine, along with the 450 grocers that were recently permitted to sell beer and ciders.

Wine will start appearing on these grocery store shelves on October 28th:

Canex Canadian Forces Exchange System
Coppa’s Fresh Market
Farm Boy 2012
Fresh Market Foods
Highland Farms
Longo Brothers Fruit Markets
Metro Ontario
Sobeys Capital
Starsky’s Fine Foods Hamilton
Uxbridge Food
Walmart Canada
Yummy Market

Image courtesy LCBO Media center via Flickr

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