Here’s what Dubai’s $2.8 Billion Theme Park Will Look Like

Move over Disney World

Dubai parks & Resorts is making everyone’s childhood dreams come true. The luxurious city is spending almost three billion dollars on a gigantic theme park.

The theme park will demolish any other theme park you’ve been to as a child with its 9.5 square miles of land. It will include a Bollywood inspired theatre, Legoland, water park, shopping centre, hotel, and many other spectacular features.

Many of the attractions will be based off of popular movies from studios like DreamWorks Animation, Sony Picture Studios and Lionsgate. The short video on the project says:

“We wanted guests to be immersed in the experience of movies that they have loved and watched throughout the years.”

The theme park will obviously draw more tourism to Dubai and officials are aiming for about 20 million visitors by 2020. Already, in preparation for the grand opening, they have pulled in over 400 dancers and singers from across the globe.

Watch the video below to understand more about the extraordinary plan that’s being put into action right now.