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Here’s why you get way more drunk at office parties, according to science

Ok, maybe it’s too early to start talking about holiday parties. But have you ever wondered why you feel pretty sober after a few drinks at home, but at an office party, you’re ready to demand that raise to your boss?

Science is here to explain.

Studies have proven that when drinking in a familiar environment, you can develop physical and psychological tolerances to alcohol. Now, take you out of that familiarity, and one pint can feel like you just did a keg stand.

A study done at the University of Birmingham in England had 24 subjects consume alcohol in the same environment on three separate occasions so they could build up an environmental tolerance to that locale. Then, the subjects were to drink in new, unfamiliar territory. Their cognitive abilities were compared in both locations, showing that the subjects’ tolerance was twice as strong in the familiar area.

Scientists believe this is because the brain physically prepares itself for the effects of alcohol (and drugs) when it finds itself in an environment that it has experienced these things before.

Therefore, if you’re strapped for cash, try a new drinking location every night and reap the effects.


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