Hidden Camera Found In Starbucks Bathroom at Yonge & King

Toronto Police Investigating Camera Disguised as An Outlet

Toronto police were called by the manager of Starbucks at Yonge and King Street on May 2nd – the call was in regards to a hidden camera disguised as an electrical outlet underneath a sink in one the unisex bathrooms, the camera pointed directly at the toilet.

By the time the police arrived the Starbucks had closed, however they returned the next day and retrieved the camera for investigation.

According to Toronto police spokesperson Gary Long, the contents of the camera are currently still being investigated. As of now, police still do not know who is behind the recording device nor where it originated from.

In order to alert other location managers, Starbucks staff circulated an internal message regarding the discovery of the device via Reddit. No other hidden devices have been found amongst other Starbucks locations.

Until the investigation is complete, Police will not have the ability to make further commentary on the camera or its content.

Image courtesy Booledozer via Flickr