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The Hideout Is Moving from It’s Queen West Music Location

The much loved music venue, Hideout, is officially closing down shop at their Queen Street location as of October 31st. It’s been a popular Toronto venue since it opened almost a decade ago in December 2006.

The site sold last year, and allegedly went for $5.3 million.

“Queen St West is changing rapidly and it’s deep seeded culture of art & music, is under grave threat, as corporate brand names want to take up residency in this trendy neighbourhood,” reads a news release Hideout issued on their website. The statement continued to say, “For now the new location remains secret, but rest assured, it won’t be long before they are ready to bust open the doors and once again blow the roof sky high.”

The statement also alludes to the rumours that the corner of Queen St West will be divided up, and shared between two corporate branded coffee and fast food chains – one speculated to be Taco Bell.

Based on a recent AGCO list of liquor license applications, Taco Bell had application pending at that location, though Taco Bell has not confirmed the rumours.

In the mean time, be sure to stop by the Queen St venue before it closes on Halloween.
Image courtesy phvdv via Instagram

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