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High Park Capybara Enclosure Will Get A Much Needed Makeover

In late May of this year, two Capybaras escaped from Toronto’s High Park zoo. Luckily, the pair had been recaptured unharmed by late June.

Cut to present day; A group called Friends of High Park Zoo is raising money in the hopes of upgrading the capybara enclosure next year. Part of the 10-year-long, $20 million, large-scale capital improvement incentive includes enlarging the capybaras’ small pond to create more swimming room.

After the May escape of the two Capybara’s, dubbed Bonnie and Clyde, part of the improvement plan will involve upgrades to some of the gates and fences at the zoo to prevent future escapes.

The pricey master will not just be benefiting the capybara enclosure. The new update will give all the animals more room to do the activities they enjoy in their natural habitat. The city has budgeted $700,000 for the work, and friends of High Park raised $400,000 from the Honey Family Foundation, the Griggs Family Foundation and individual donations. The park is also accepting help from federal and provincial government, as well donations and grants.

What do you think about the future update?

Main image courtesy of Bryn Davies via Flickr.

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