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High Park Capybaras Give Birth to Babies

After a life of adventure, it looks like the High Park Capybaras are finally settling down to start their very own family.

Last year, the couple nicknamed Bonnie and Clyde made headlines when they escaped the High Park Zoo, and spent weeks on the run.

Now the adventurous couple will have to share their space with their new family as Mayor John Tory announced Wednesday on Twitter, they welcomed three baby capybaras into the world.

“The couple credits their long time apart this summer wandering the wilderness of Toronto’s High Park for the kindling of their passion, and now they have three adorable pups to show for it,” Tory wrote.

For those who want to contribute to the new family, The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation have set up a “Capy Baby Registry“. By donating, you can ensure their enclosure remains in good shape and that the family has all the help they need.

Image courtesy Paul VanDerWerf via Flickr

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