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8 Hilarious Board Games For Those Who Love Cards Against Humanity

If you’re a fan of Cards Against Humanity but are tired of playing it at every social event you go to, check out these games. They’re creative, unique, and will definitely be enjoyed by people with the same sense of humour.


Originally funded through Kickstarter, Fantastic Storytelling allows players to create hilarious tales. The concept is simple: each player has five ‘Connector’ cards (usually verbs), and on your turn you draw a ‘Story’ card (either an Opening, a Character, Event, Object). You use any number of your Connector cards to create a phrase. The longer and more hilarious it is, the higher points you score. The game also has an 18+ rating, so obscenity is guaranteed. In short, it’s Cards Against Humanity meets Mad Libs.


If you loved tormenting your friends with bizarre ‘would you rather’ ideas as a kid, this is the game for you, but don’t be confused with what you played growing up, Pick Your Poison is 18+ and is for adults with a crude sense of humour. Each player takes a turn being the Judge. At the beginning of each round, the Judge draws two ‘Poison’ cards, creating a ‘would you rather’ scenario. Players vote anonymously on which they would rather do. After voting is finished, the Judge tallies the votes and whoever voted with the majority is assigned points.


The game is includes optional (but highly recommended) drinking rules. It is played in several rapid-fire rounds, where each player must discard one card from their hand. The object of the game is to empty your hand as quickly as possible. Once someone has no cards left, they are the immediate winner. The loser is whoever has the most cards. If playing with alcohol, there are an assortment of punishments that follow.


This is a Pictionary-style game that isn’t for the faint of heart. With over 650 uncensored, NSFW prompts to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have a unique drawing each time you play. Much like Pictionary, players are split into teams. Each player takes turns being the artist. The artist pulls a prompt card and rolls the dice to see which of 6 scenes to draw. They have 60 seconds to complete the drawing and have their team members accurately guess, However, the other team is allowed to jump in and guess at any point. If the opposing team guesses correctly first, they win the point.


This game was created by the same people behind Taboo and Outburst. One player draws two topic cards, and chooses one that they want for their team. The team members then have 45 seconds to name as many different answers relating to the topic. If they can name all 10 possible answers, they score a point. There are 562 topic cards to choose from, each more crude than the last.


If you enjoy creating outlandish lies, you’ll love Confessions. You can have a minimum of three players, but the more people involved, the more fun it becomes. To play, one player will draw a card prompting them to recall a story about a certain topic, or confess something. Other players must then guess and vote on whether they believe the story is true or not. The reader then gets one point for each player who guessed wrong. A point is also awarded to each player who guessed right. The person with the most points after everyone has had a chance to “confess,” is the winner. There are nearly 300 prompt cards to choose from, ensuring a different experience every time. This game is for adults and includes many different ways to incorporate alcohol.


Both the original and uncensored versions of this game have the same rules: a player draws a card from the deck of prompts and has five seconds to respond with three answers. Each player is timed with a marble falling down a spiral tube. With the uncensored version, adults can enjoy the game with many more NSFW prompts than the original. If the player can fully answer the prompt, they are awarded a point.


Much like the other games on this list, The Game of Nasty Things is all about judging your friends. One player pulls a card from the deck and reads the prompt out loud. Each person anonymously writes down a response, and everyone must try to guess who wrote what. One point is awarded for each correct guess, and two points go to each person who avoided detection. This game is a remake of The Game of Things, and the only difference are the NSFW prompts, which gives this game an 18+ rating.

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