See How Historical Moments Reenacted in Film Compare to Their Original Counterparts

Many of the reenactments are impressively accurate

Ever wonder how a reenactment of history in film measures up to the actual historical moment?

That’s exactly what this video by Vimeo user Vugar Efendi shows in this compilation, featuring a series of historical moments that were recreated in film. The video pits both moments, real and reenacted, next to each other in a striking comparison of the two. The video includes scenes from Catch Me if You Can, Selma, The Fighter, and Into the Wild.

The video’s description reads:

“Moments in history, whether bigger or more intimate, are often recreated in film. This produces something that is transcending, powerful and nevertheless, haunting.”

The song used in the background, “Vanity,” was fittingly written and performed by Mica Levi for 2016’s Jackie, starring Natalie Portman. Check it out below.

RECREATING HISTORY from Vugar Efendi on Vimeo.