Hits & Misses: SNL Performances

Take a look at some of the most impressive and embarrassing live performances on SNL

Kendrick Lamar’s recent performance on Saturday Night Live got a lot of people talking, including us. We started to chat about the best and worst performers we’ve ever seen on the show, and here are some the best HITS and MISSES that kept coming up.

HIT: Watch The National as the slow burner “Graceless” erupts into Matt Berninger’s trademark scream for the last 30 seconds.

MISS?: Now we get to a performance that many people despised. Was Lana Del Rey really THAT bad?

HIT: After a fairly awkward introduction from John McCain, The White Stripes proved their live show stays the same no matter where they’re playing.

MISS: For a guy who seems to think he’s the greatest thing ever to happen to music (perhaps life in general), you’d think Kanye West would have made sure his AutoTune was working before he performed.

HIT: Radiohead were praised after they crushed “Idioteque” on the SNL stage. Johnny Greenwood’s mad-scientist like performance is particularly amazing.

MONSTER MISS: Ashlee Simpson had easily the most cringe-worthy performance in SNL history. After getting busted lip-syncing, she proceeds to VERY awkwardly dance and then leave the stage.

MEGA-HIT: This has to be the greatest of them all. Elvis Costello teamed up with The Beastie Boys for a legendary collab on “Radio Radio”.

MISS: Iggy Azalea had easily the worst performance of 2014: awkward dancing + lip syncing don’t mix well.

HIT: Nirvana brought all the alt-angst with their not so TV friendly track “Territorial Pissings”. This video captures everything that is great about Nirvana: raw energy, emotion, experimentation, and bloody great music.