Watch: Hollerado Jam Out in Weird Places for ‘Born Yesterday’

Feeling like kids again

The always creative, always colourful Hollerado have shared a brand new music video for “Born Yesterday.”

Hollerado frequently make use of cut outs, knick-knacks, and a child-like imagination when it comes to their music videos, and this one is no different. “Born Yesterday” sees the band’s rehearsal space transform into seven different weird settings, from a 1920’s opium den with pet goats to “hell for a lactose intolerant man” Menno Versteeg told Kerrang:

The four of us have never had as much fun playing music together than we’ve been having since we made this record. Lately we’ve felt as if we are a bunch of seventeen-year-olds jamming together in a garage for the first time. The song ‘Born Yesterday’ tries to capture the excitement we’ve been feeling and we wanted to make a video that reflected that.