Hollerado Shares Video for New Song ‘Grief Money’

New video and upcoming album details revealed

Early in January Hollerado shared a single called “Born Yesterday” along with an upcoming album announcement. Little did we know, that single was actually the album’s title track.

Recently, the band revealed that the album itself will be titled Born Yesterday and is set to drop on April 14.

To get us even more excited, Hollerado released a music video for new single “Grief Money.” The song was written before Trump took over America, however, its subject matter remains coincidentally suitable to the recent political state of the US. The lyrical video features clips of the Trump administration’s ‘finest’ televised moments. Check it out below.

Lead singer Menno Versteeg explained the band’s run at ‘fake news’ further in a lengthy statement:

“…we are now way past the point of worrying about being cheesy in a song. We have to say something whenever we have the chance. It doesn’t even have to be articulate, as long as the intention is true, the message will send. And we have to do the right thing whenever we can. Small acts of kindness and protest WILL make a difference.

This world is a beautiful place and full of perfect creatures of all shapes and sizes. We don’t need to all be best friends but we have to find a way exist on the same planet. For now, it’s the best one we have.”