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Hollywood Cone Brings Gourmet Desserts to Toronto

On Tuesday April 4th at 11:30 a.m., Hollywood Cone will open its doors to Toronto. The ice cream and dessert shop started in Oshawa as a food truck and in four years has quickly expanded to seven locations.

The owner, Joe Kelsey, has been in the ice cream business since he was 16. Starting out riding bicycles for Dicky Dee, he met his current business partner there. They were both in the top 20 Dicky Dee vendors in Ontario. Years later, they reunited over some beers at a Firkin pub and came up with the idea for Hollywood Cone.

They’re serving a real soft ice cream product, not soft serve. It’s rich, dense, creamy, and not cold to the taste. They have ice cream down to a science and are all about quality. There are upwards of 10 ingredients in some of their treats and even their plain chocolate milkshake has four types of chocolate.

They import chocolate from the United States and Tuscany, and traveled to dozens of bakeries and dessert shops to acquire the best pies, tarts, and cakes to include in their creations.

You can visit Hollywood Cone starting Tuesday at 1167 Queen St. W.

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