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Hot Chip’s new album ‘Freakout/Release’ was inspired by their cover of Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’

Hot Chip are back with their highly anticipated new album, Freakout/Release, out now via Domino.

Freakout/Release serves as the follow-up to 2019’s A Bath Full of Ecstacy. The album features appearances from Cadence Weapon, Lou Hayter, and Soulwax. Recorded at Hot Chip’s Relax & Enjoy Studio, the entire album was inspired by a cover of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” that they frequently perform at their live shows.

“The idea of being out of control is always there in dance music, in a positive sense,” Hot Chip member Al Doyle says of the cover’s influence on the record.

Stream Freakout/Release below.


Freakout/Release Tracklist:

01 – “Down”
02 – “Eleanor”
03 – “Freakout/Release”
04 – “Broken”
05 – “Not Alone”
06 – “Hard to Be Funky (feat. Lou Hayter)”
07 – “Time”
08 – “Miss The Blues”
09 – “The Evil That Men Do (feat. Cadence Weapon)”
10 – “Guilty”
11 – “Out of My Depth”
The new record hones in on Hot Chip’s quintessential dance-pop sound, but with more of a refined edge. They also managed to channel their rowdy, captivating live energy.

They created the album “in a natural way, without too much discussion or a grand plan,” bandmember Joe Goddard says. Goddard goes on to explain that the album’s lyrics were inspired by the pandemic.

“We were living through a period where it was very easy to feel like people were losing control of their lives in different ways. There’s a darkness that runs through a lot of those tracks.”

“These songs feel like accomplished pop songs, but it was just us making music in a room,” Doyle adds. “Those moments are a testament to how we’ve developed as songwriters and musicians ourselves.”

Freakout/Release features the previously released title track in addition to “Down” and “Eleanor.”

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