Hovercraft Transportation May Be Coming To The GTA

A speedier more efficient way for Torontonians to travel to the Niagara Region.

Talk about a car-pool! Toronto might be getting a new service between Toronto and Niagara on the Lake using hovercrafts. Imagine rolling up to your destination in a hovercraft. In 2018 this could really be a thing.

A Beamsville consultant wants to start a hovercraft water service between Toronto and Niagara to cut down on time commuters spend travelling and the number of cars on the road. The hovercraft service is even winter ready, it can glide on the ice and throughout the ever-changing Canadian seasons.

It actually may be a viable solution to taking a train or driving, as the trip only takes about one hour. Each hovercraft can hold up to 40 people, running 18 hours a day according to the St. Catherine Standard.

Let’s not forget about mother nature in all of this. Tourists and commuters combined make an average of 5,717 highway trips between Niagara and Toronto daily, according to a 2011 Go Transit study. That’s a whole lot of pollution…Is this the solution?

The hovercraft trip would cost $25 per person per ride and would take about 40 minutes from Toronto to Niagara On The Lake. Not too shabby. Are you into this new form of transportation?

Image courtesy Hannah Gilbert via Flickr