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How They Got Their Names pt. 1

A name is often the first impression a band makes on their audience, and if there’s an interesting story on how it came to be, that’s a plus. So, here is how 10 bands got their names.

Dear Rouge
Drew and his brother were driving around Scotland thinking about band names, Danielle’s hometown is Red Deer, Alberta, so they flipped Red Deer around and used some French.


Jimmy Eat World
Guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Linton’s little brothers got into a fight. Ed (one of his little brothers) drew a revenge picture in crayon of Jimmy (the other one) eating a globe and titled it “Jimmy Eat World”.


City and Colour
Dallas Green was shy to release music under his own name so he decided to get smart and went with Dallas=City Green=Colour. Get it?


Cage the Elephant
They were hanging out outside a club after playing a show in 2006 and a man down the street was screaming and talking to himself. He ran towards them and everyone except Matt Schultz was quick enough to jump inside their van and shut the doors. He thought he was going to get stabbed, but the guy just hugged him and kept saying “you have to cage the elephant”.


The Head and the Heart
Josiah Johnson decided to quit grad school when he realized music was what he wanted to do with his life. His parents of course thought that was a terrible idea. The name pays homage to the idea of your brain versus your heart, staying in school would be the smart thing, but music is his passion.


The Black Keys
They have a schizophrenic artist friend named Alfred McMoore who would call people he didn’t like “D Flats” and “Black Keys”. He would leave messages on their answering machine calling their Dads “Black Keys” when he wasn’t happy with them.


Vance Joy
His real name is James Keogh and when he was reading a book called Bliss by Peter Carey, he really liked the name of one of the characters, Vance Joy.


Foster the People
Mark Foster is the front man of Foster the People and originally their band was named Foster and the People. One night someone introducing their show screwed up their name and called them Foster the People and they thought that was better.


Daft Punk
They had a band before Daft Punk called Darlin’ and a reviewer once said their song “Cindy, So Loud” was “daft punky thrash”. The 3rd member of Darlin’ was Laurent Brancowitz from Phoenix.


Imagine Dragons
Because calling your band “Real Dragons” would be too scary.

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