How These 2014 Albums Got Their Names

How Foster the People, TPC, Chromeo, Broken Bells & Phantogram came up with their new records' names

Sometimes an album’s name can seem obvious or completely ambiguous, but it had to come from somewhere. Take a look at some of the big albums released this year and learn the stories behind their names.

Foster the People – Supermodel
Foster the People almost named this album “A Beginners Guide to Destroying the Moon”, then Mark Foster realized a lot of the record’s about shallowness. He says it’s about looking at what our culture prioritizes and defines as beauty. He thinks we might be the most self-centered culture in history thanks to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You’ll notice the artwork is a model vomiting a poem about consumption. One of the lines is “But for beauty I would gladly give my life”.

Tokyo Police Club – Forcefield
Dave Monks was at home sick watching Stanely Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey and it got him thinking about science fiction things like Forcefield, Velocity, and Transmission. Forcefield took on a meaning of its own because no one, including their label had any idea what they were doing. Monks says “I think we needed this Forcefield to keep us together and on track.”

Chromeo – White Women
Chromeo don’t talk openly through their music about issues like sex, race or gender; instead they say they give hints for people to make up their own minds. That’s why, according to them, they named their upcoming album “White Women”. They say “We’re a duo of ambiguously ethnic men writing songs that are heavily tributary to black music and calling our album White Women”. They think if people are going to listen to their music then they can make them think. They’ve said Prince and Daryl Hall broke down boundaries and they have to help somehow carry the torch.

Broken Bells – After the Disco
After the Disco is one of the songs on the album and they say the title has nothing to do with disco. The idea was, after the party there’s the rest of your life. The title refers to growing up, the idea of once all the fun is done what do you do next.

Phantogram – Voices
Voices is another title that took its name from a song. No song on the record is called “Voices” but in “Black Out Days” they sing “I’m hearing voices all the time and they’re not mine. I’m hearing voices and they’re haunting my mind”. They thought “Voices” was a good word to represent the album.