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How They Got Their Names Pt. 2

A name is often the first impression a band makes on their audience, and if there’s an interesting story on how it came to be, that’s a plus. So, here is how 10 bands got their names… part 2 (read part 1 here).

You can drive down Arkell Street in Hamilton. They named their band after the street they lived and practiced on.


Kings of Leon
Kings of Leon is made up of 3 brothers and a cousin. Their grandfather’s name was Leon.

Iron & Wine
In 1998 Sam Beam was working a lighting gig at a gas station in Georgia while still in film school. They were selling a bunch of home made remedies and one was a supplement called “Beef, Iron and Wine”. He obviously dropped the beef and thought Iron and Wine represented the duality of his music. He never tried the supplement.


The Killers
If you watch the music video for “Crystal” by New Order, the band impersonating New Order have “The Killers” written on their bass drum.


The Postal Service
The Postal Service chose their name by how they made their music. Jim Tamborello wrote and recorded instrumental tracks and would send the files to Ben Gibbard through the mighty United States Postal Service. Gibbard would edit the songs, add vocals, and send them back to Tamborello through the Postal Service.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Godspeed You! Black Emperor got their name from a Japanese movie about a biker gang named the Black Emperors.


Metric were originally called Mainstream and even released an EP under that name. They were in Toronto working on a song one day that required a sound Jimmy Shaw programmed into his keyboard that he called Metric. They liked the look of it on the tiny LCD screen and decided to use it for their band name.


Alt-J was formerly called both Films and Daljit Dhaliwal after a British TV personality. Then they changed their name to ∆ which is the symbol that comes out when you type Alt-J on a Mac computer.


The 1975
The 1975’s front man Matt Healy was on vacation in a Spanish villa where he met and spent the day with an eccentric man who gave him a bunch of old beat generation stuff. One of those things was an old book and inside he found a page of crazy scribblings dated 1st June. The 1975.


They’ve said the band didn’t name themselves after the dessert, but instead how something gets caked onto your shoe.

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