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How to Beat The Most Depressing Time of Year

This time of year has been determined by science to be the most depressing. It’s easy to use that as an excuse to wallow in a pit of your own filth and Cool Ranch crumbs. Forget that, get up and pull your apathetic shell of a body off of your couch and I’ll show you a few ways to beat winter’s ass.

Get Out


(Photo by Frank Gehry via Flickr)

I know it’s cold and there is less to do but if you embrace the weather and do a little digging you can find loads of cool stuff to do. We have indoor beaches, indoor amusement parks, the ROM, AGO and a million other options available to you on any given weekend (check out our full list of places to beat the winter blues). Check out The Harbourfront for free skating times and events!

See Your Friends


(Photo by nate bolt via Flickr)

If you’re feeling down at this time of year reach out to your buds, they always make you feel better. Going over to your homie’s place for a few beers, a movie, some hockey or a board game is a good cheap night in and you feel like you did SOMETHING!!! Take advantage of everyone’s schedule slowing down and see some people you haven’t seen in a while

Go To a Show

hands concert600

(Photo by via Hillsong)

Bands aren’t taking the month off so why should you? A Tribe Called Red, Rostam, First Aid Kit and more are hitting stages soon so stop being a baby. Go dance and party with some other miserable folks after all, misery loves company. Check out who’s in town here.

Eat Your Feelings


(Photo by: Amasou Umasou via Flickr)

Cold weather is a perfect pairing with braising, stewing and making stick-to-your ribs comfort food. Learn a few new recipes to add to your tired old repertoire. Coq Au Vin, Braised Short Ribs or Polenta with Fennel Sausage Ragu are all stupid-easy but seem impressive when you whip them out to a group of pals. You’ll be a hero!

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