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How To Do The CNE On A Budget

It’s the end of summer, and our wallets are strapped. But now the CNE is here and you can’t miss out. Here’s how to do it, in under 15 bucks.

$6 after 5PM

From August 29th – September 1st bask in the glory of spending a wad of change to enter the glorious gates of the CNE. Because paying full price is for suckers.

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Catch ’em all

Since you won’t be dishing out cash to play games, take this opportunity to hit up some Pokestops and finally catch a Pikachu. This will become on ongoing adventure, as the grounds are HUGE.

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Try your luck

After your phone dies, you COULD spend your hard earned cash by testing your luck at the CNE Casino. But that seems a little risky. Instead, unleash your inner senior citizen by playing some sweet, sweet BINGO.

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If you didn’t strike it rich at bingo, by our calculations you have $7 left. You could spend it on a crazy food creation like a fried pig ear sandwich, but you’re thrifty. Instead, spend next to nothing on the classic $1 spaghetti.

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Animal entertainment

With your remaining $6 you can watch some cute pups show their skills in the SuperDogs competition, FOR FREE (or if you fancy felines, you can check out the Cat Show).


Buy the ticket, take the ride

End off your night with a romantic (or nauseating) ride on the ferris wheel at the North America Midway where you can fork over $5 for four coupons (since rides range from 4-8 coupons you can ride it exactly once).

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Live music

You then have the option to stay a little bit longer to check out a free CNE bandshell performance from Repartee, Walk Off The Earth, The Beaches, The Trews, Scott Helman, and more. Full listings here.


Until next year…

You have exactly $1 left, (considering it didn’t fall out of your grubby little cheapo pockets while having a steamy make out-sesh on the ferris wheel) with the remaining dollar you will deposit it into your sad little bank account and prepare to save for next year’s adventures at the Canadian National Exhibition.

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