How to do the CNE on a Budget

You can have a fun filled day at The Ex for under 10 bucks

The CNE is back and I couldn’t be more excited! Maybe you’re taking the family, maybe it’s your special someone or maybe you’re just going yourself. It doesn’t matter who you’re going with; it’s going to be more expensive than you thought, and the costs start to add up quickly. There’s admission, food, games, ride tickets and lots more ready to take your hard earned moolah. Fear not, that’s why I am here.

Here’s how to do the CNE for under 10 bucks:

Admission is usually 18 bucks for an adult, but Monday-Thursday after 5PM it’s only 6 dollars. NICE.

Let’s ride some rides! No need for any of those silly tickets or passes, there’s a free shuttle that will boogie you around the entire grounds.
shuttle train

Now that you’re walking around and riding stuff, you’ve probably worked up an appetite. Enjoy some of that wonderful 99 cent spaghetti! Delicious and nutritious.

Don’t even want to spend 99 cents on spaghetti? Stand near the Zipper and wait for loose change to fall down like the bargain hunter you are.

You’ve been having a great day, but you need something to show for it. Stroll around and look for abandoned stuffed animals and prizes. I GUARANTEE you find something.
stuffed animals

By my calculations you either have 3 or 4 dollars left, time to gamble it away at a game of Crown and Anchor! Maybe you’ll hit the big times and be able to afford a TTC ride home.
crown and anchor