How to exercise and keep fit at home during a pandemic

It's easy to workout in isolation, from no equipment methods to minimal setups

Gyms, cycling and yoga studios, and CrossFit boxes have all shuttered operations for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean it’s time to pack it in and spend the next few weeks or months sitting on the couch and accepting that your muscles are headed for a state of atrophy.

There are plenty of ways to keep active while observing social distancing and practising self-isolation. From free routines with no equipment you pull off in limited space to more expensive subscription programs, you can find something that suits your needs and helps maintain some semblance of mental and physical wellness during these unique times.

Many gyms are offering online classes

While gyms and studios have temporarily closed their doors, many are offering some form of online classes to their members and the public.

GoodLife Fitness have made access to their popular Les Mills classes free to members.

YMCA of Greater Toronto is offering Facebook Live classes, with a “whole family” approach that includes early childhood programming, Camp activities and fitness classes for all ages available on their Facebook page.

FitIn has pivoted to FitIn Live with live, interactive workouts using Zoom, and a kids channel that runs during business hours for $10/day.

Misfit Studio is offering classes twice a day on Instagram Live.

East End club One Academy is streaming versions of its workouts with trainers live on Facebook.

Live Stream March 17

Jesse & Leo take you through a warm up, demo and finisher you can complete at home to stay strong!

Posted by One Academy on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

More companies and services are climbing aboard the movement to lift barriers on access, including Down Dog, a popular app for practicing yoga at home.

Check in with your local clubs and studios and see if they’re offering something!

Hit up YouTube for programs for all skill levels

YouTube happens to feature like a million fitness vloggers catering to people from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for something fairly low-impact, or you’re an absolute unit looking to maintain that bulk during the crisis, there’s something there for you.

Athlean-X features several hardcore routines you can pull off at home with very little equipment.


Pony up for a Peloton

Look, that holiday commercial is still a disaster, but if you’re struggling to make up for the IRL cycling classes you’re currently missing then this stationary bike has your hookup.

It’s going to cost you, and you’ll have to subscribe to access Peloton’s live and on-demand classes.

Peloton’s stocks are on the rise, while most of the globe’s markets are tanking. They’re not the only option on the market, so if you’re interested then look around for alternative that might come at a relative discount.


Take matters into your own hands

Ever wanted to engage in some kind of Rocky IV-inspired training program? Now’s probably a good time to launch into that.

If you have equipment at home or can access some, then draw inspiration from Raptors’ forward/centre Serge Ibaka and transform your space into a home gym.


The old reliable methods

It’s recommended that we stay home and practice social distancing, but we’re not currently in a complete lockdown. Hit your favourite trails for a pedal, walk, run, or jog, while keeping in mind that we’re all looking out for our own space through these times.