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How to Feel Like a Super Rich Big-Shot

Ask yourself this: How much old Canadian Tire money do I have laying around the house? The answer is probably “lots.”
Now ask yourself: How much does this Canadian Tire money add up to? The answer is probably “seven dollars and thirty-five cents.”

If you want to feel like a super rich big-shot you should collect up all your Canadian Tire money and have one last hurrah with it – stack it into piles or dump it on the bed and roll around in it. Dance for your friends while they stuff 5 cent bills into your pants or throw a party and make it rain like you’re ballin’ out of control.

Once the party’s over, bring it to Indie88 and we’ll give that Canadian Tire money a good home by donating it to our charity partner SKETCH Working Arts so it can help street-affected youth. It’ll make you feel ultra-rich because if it’s more than $20 you’ll probably need a briefcase to carry it all.

We talked to Shawn from Canadian Tire on The Morning After and he told us there’s literally hundreds of millions of dollars in Canadian Tire money floating around out there.

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(Main image via Patrick Johanneson)

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