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How to NOT Vote While Still Voting in the Ontario Provincial Election

The Ontario Provincial Election is coming up this Thursday. You should vote. No excuses. You’ve heard all the reasons: it’s your democratic right, it’s your duty, your privilege… and you have no right to complain about the winner if you won’t even haul yourself out to a voting station and cast your ballot.


What if you’re not feeling any of the candidates? What if there’s no one you actually believe in, no one you WANT to vote for?

ANSWER: You should still vote!

And don’t just spoil your ballot if you do. You have a couple options to make sure your vote is still counted, without it being for a party you don’t believe in.

One option: you can DECLINE your ballot. To decline your ballot, you leave it COMPLETELY BLANK. Declined ballots are seen as protest votes – according to DeclineYourVote.ca, “Declined votes, by law, are required to be recorded and reported as a separate category from spoiled ballots. They represent a distinct category.” – so your non-vote WILL be counted.

Another option: If you’re in one of the eight ridings they’re running in, you can vote for the None Of The Above Party. It’s their first year as an official politcal party – but there are similar ones around the world. Sure, they don’t get invited to the debates, and they’re not seen as serious contenders (yet) – but in an interview with CTV, party co-founder Greg Vezina said that they’re recieving requests for campaign signs all over Ontario, even in places where they don’t have any candidates running. A vote for them is effectively a way to vote AGAINST the more popular parties.

Whichever way you decide to go – VOTE. It’s important.

If you need more information about what kind of ID you need to vote, go here.

To find out where you should go to vote, go here.

And you can check out this overview of the three major parties in this handy National Post Article here.

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