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How to Pronounce Indie Band Names pt. 2

I can’t think of anything more satisfying for a pretentious jerk than getting to correct someone on the pronunciation of an indie band name. Try to restrain yourself please. Be cool!

I tried to make these phonetic spellings as fool-proof as possible so just say them without thinking and it will come out right. Check out part one of How to Pronounce Indie Band Names here.

BASTILLE /bah-steel/


BAUHAUS /bow-house/


DIE ANTWOORD /dee ant-werd/


EL VY /el-vi/
The National’s Matt Berninger and Menomena’s Brent Knopf’s latest project can be pronounced like the plural of Elvis – El Vy.


HOZIER /ho-zee-er/
Hozier doesn’t care if you pronounce it like Ho-shur, but Hozier-Byrne is his middle name and he’s been pronouncing it like Ho-zee-er since he was a sweet little baby.


LA ROUX /lah-roo/


MATT BERNINGER /ber-ning-er/
Matt Berninger is the lead singer of The National and his last name is more awkward than it has to be, it’s Ber-ning- er.


MIIKE SNOW /mike snow/
Not Mikey Snow, the correct way to say it is just Mike Snow.


SLEATER KINNEY /slay-ter kin-nee/


STROMAE /stro-may/
Stromae doesn’t mind if you pronounce it like Stro-may, but it’s supposed to be Strom-mi like how you would pronounce maestro backwards.


TIMBER TIMBRE /tim-burr tam-burr/


XUI XUI /shoe-shoe/


YEASAYER /yay-sayer/


YOU + ME /you and me/
Not “you plus me”.


!!! /chk-chk-chk/

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