How To Pronounce 18 Indie Band Names

A how-to manual for those tricky indie names

My sister’s name is Jacinthe and she has to correct everyone who reads it off paper. It’s pronounced Jah-saint and for that reason, if I ever have to name anything, I will make the pronunciation blatantly obvious. These bands decided to make things hard.

P.S. I tried to make these phonetic spellings as fool-proof as possible so just say them without thinking and it will come out right.

HAIM – Hime like time.

Chvrches – Churches. This was their way of making their name unique so it didn’t get confused with real churches when fans would search them online. It’s really smart if you’ve ever tried to Google a band like The National.

Sufjan Stevens – Soof-yawn Stevens

The XX – The Ex Ex

Sigur Ros – Say it how ever you want because 95 percent of the population just pretends they know. It’s Sig-Ah Rohss, like gross though.

Alvvays – Always

Lykke Li – Licky Lee

Bon Iver – Bone E-vair. Lots of people think this is a name but it’s derived from a story he read where Alaskan town people would say it as a greeting. He dropped a letter or two when naming his band.

Basia Bulat –Bah-sha Boo-lot

Cayucas – Kay-you-kiss

Toro Y Moi – Toh-roh E Mwah. On a family road trip he saw a bunch of things in a row and combined them in his head for this name. I don’t know why he decided to spell/pronounce it that though.

Mogwai – Mawg-why. Just like the creatures in the Gremlin movies because that’s where they got their name from.

Gotye – Go-tee-yay

Bjork – Byork

Portugal. The Man – Portugal…………………….The Man. The first time they saw their name printed in a magazine, they knew they had made a big mistake using a period.

Jamiroquai – Ja-mear-o-qwhy?

Beirut – Bay-root

Brody Dalle – Brody Doll

Now you can be pretentious and condescending when you hear someone pronounce one of these wrong! I’m kidding, with great power comes great responsibility, don’t be a jerk.