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How to support local businesses while social distancing

Social distancing is in full swing as Canada is taking preventative measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, local businesses and artists are taking a major hit.

Even though you can’t leave your home, there are still lots of ways to do your part to make sure your favourite local business can keep its doors open once all of this passes.

Check out 5 ways to support local businesses below.

Order delivery or takeout

Nothing says social distancing like curling up at home with a delicious meal of your choice. Give your favourite restaurant a ring and ask them if they’re still doing delivery or takeout. UberEats is currently offering free delivery across Canada and the U.S., so take advantage of that offer and see if your faves are on the list.

Buy items online

Some retailers, like Queen Books, have shuttered their doors for the time being — but are still offering to take orders over the phone and have them shipped to you! If you’re looking to check out a new book, or pick up a new hobby, check in with local retailers if they’re shipping items out.

Buy music from local musicians

Websites like Bandcamp, where local and underground musicians sell music and often link to their own merch, are taking initiative to wave revenue on sales. This will provide artists with 100% of the profits on their music.

Donate to an artist fund

Places around the city like Glad Day Bookshop have set up emergency funds for those affected by the coronavirus shutdowns — including LGBTQ artists, performers and tip-based workers. By donating to funds like these, you can help.

Participate in online shows

Watch a live show without even having to step foot out your door! Places like Toronto Poetry Slam offer virtual shows that people can watch or take part in. There is a suggested donation of $7, which matches cover at the door usually.

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