Hozier Filing Defamation Lawsuit Against Chilly Gonzales over “Take Me To Church”

After claims the Irish singer ripped off a Feist tune

Hozier is threatening a lawsuit against Chilly Gonzales, after a claim that he ripped off Feist’s “How Come You Never Go There” in his mega-hit single “Take Me To Church”, NME reports.

In Chilly Gonzales’ Masterclass YouTube series, he often makes a point to identify similar song structures and melodies that are common with other, less popular tunes. His claim last week was that Hozier’s hit shares an uncanny similarity to the Feist single mentioned before, — with a heavy influence of gospel and ballad roots. The video has since been removed from YouTube.

Hozier’s manager Caroline Downey responded to the accusations as “groundless” and told press in the Sunday Times that her and her Client will be seeking legal action for defamation.

You have to admit, the similarities are uncanny, and considering Feist’s track came out two years prior the case might not look so good for the Irish Rocker.

Check out both tracks below: