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Hubert Lenoir and Bonnie Banane roam around Paris as a scarecrow and a witch in video for new single ‘OCTEMBRE’

Montreal’s Hubert Lenoir has previewed his forthcoming album with a video for his new single “OCTEMBRE.”

The track comes from Lenoir’s new album, PICTURA DE IPSE : Musique directe, which is out this Wednesday, September 15th. The new single, “OCTEMBRE,” features Bonnie Banane. It’s more of a laidback R&B song than the other previews of the album like “DIMANCHE SOIR” and “Secret.”

The accompanying Noémie D. Leclerc-directed video follows Lenoir and Banane as they make their way through the streets of Paris. They gallivant around, with Lenoir dressed as a scarecrow and Banane as a witch.

Watch the video for “OCTEMBRE” below.

The expansive album boasts a whopping 20 tracks, spanning 54 minutes. In addition to “OCTEMBRE,” PICTURA DE IPSE: Musique Directe is full of songs, snippets of dialogue, FaceTime sounds, and more. It sees Hubert Lenoir reflecting being bullied as a child and the public backlash he’s faced over his gender expression and sexuality. The forthcoming album sees Lenoir moving from his glam rock sound into more of an R&B, groove-driven sonic territory.

Check out the tracklist for PICTURA DE IPSE: Musique Directe below.

PICTURA DE IPSE: Musique Directe Tracklist:

01 – “9:42PM Nouvel enregistrement”
02 – “SECRET”
03 – “418 wOo”
04 – “uber lenoir, c’est confirmé”
07 – “paris transit feat. CRABE”
08 – “OCTEMBRE feat. Bonnie Banane”
09 – “HULA HOOP”
10 – “montréal transit feat. CRABE”
12 – “VILLE MARIE a”
13 – “VILLE MARIE b”
14 – “québec transit feat. CRABE”
15 – “BOI”
16 – “ancien ami”
18 – “SUCRE + SEL”
19 – “PHASE”
20 – “f.p.b.”

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