Huge $25 million outdoor space planned for underneath the Gardiner

A series of pathways and outdoor spaces to connect Toronto to its waterfront

For years the Gardiner Expressway has been the target of resentment for separating Toronto from its once-lively waterfront scene. That could all change in 2017 thanks to a private donation of $25 million to revitalize the area under the Gardiner.

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“Project: Under Gardiner” plans to transform the 10-acre space under the expressway into a network of paths and cultural spaces that bind Toronto’s waterfront neighbourhoods to the rest of the city. A series of “rooms”, as the people at PUBLIC WORK call it, will be used for markets, meetings and performances.

The first phase which is scheduled for a July 2017 completion, will include a continuous walking/cycling trail from Strachan Ave. to Spadina, as well as an outdoor “grand stair” at Strachan, and a pedestrian bridge at Fort York Blvd.

Take a look at a video with PUBLIC WORK urban designer Ken Greenberg, as well as some renderings, below:



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