I Can Smell Your Text From Here

There's nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee...literally.

As a generation where scratch and sniffs and smelly markers dominated our senses, there is now one more thing you can take a whiff of. Creating a virtual stink is an app and device that gives you the ability to smell your texts. That’s right, why send a plain old picture of your meal when you can send its scent instead?


(Photo by christine kaelin via Flickr Creative Commons)

The first overseas scent of champagne passion fruit macaroon was delivered from Paris to New York in June of 2014. While anyone is able to download the oSnap app and send scented images, the only devices that can receive them are housed in Le Laboratoire in Paris and the Museum of Natural History in NYC – for now. While the oPhone isn’t available to the masses yet, it’s in the works and will sell for $199.

Besides text messages and social media, what about everything else you do on your phone like the games you play? Imagine smelling the flavoured sugar candies in Candy Crush? Or the smell of gun powder when you play a shooting game? Why not add a signature scent to your email notifications and mobile banking while we’re at it?

With over 300,000 different scents in oSnap, there are hopes that one day the app will be able to detect objects within a picture – so be careful of what you’re snapping for your nose’s sake!


(Photo by Gerry Brague via Flickr Creative Commons)

Are we ready to enter a world in where foodie posts are taking over our sense of sight and smell? Let us know what you think in the comments.

(Main Photo Courtesy of oPhone DUO via Indiegogo)