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I Didn’t Know That Actor Could Sing!

CandiceBlog_150x150Candice has made her mark in radio across Canada before coming home to Indie88. She is now a co-host on “Indie Mornings with Brian, Matt and Candice.”
Joseph Gordon Levitt looks smokin’ hot in this video and he is singing a Nirvana song. Thumbs up!

I did not expect this from Robert Downey Jr. Ironman sings with Sting and his raspy voice is incredible. Gives me chills.

What a cute little indie folk tune. Really digging Scarlett Johansson’s vocals on this track with Pete Yorn.

Ryan Gosling can sing! What can he NOT do. This is his best Edward Sharpe impression with his band Dead Man’s Bones.

And for fun…here is Gosling singing on the Mickey Mouse Club. So adorable. Skip to the 1:30 mark.

Leave it to me to work in a Hall & Oates reference. This is Kevin Bacon on Live From Daryl’s House. This song has a really nice funky groove.

If you dont like country….dont listen to Chris Pine.

Chris Pine reminded me of William Shatner (Captain Kirk) singing Common People. LOVE THIS!

Who is your favourite actor that can sing? Let us know in the comments below.

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