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Ice Skating Toronto (Where To Find The Best Rinks & Trails)

Ice Skating Is A Toronto Tradition

Winter is always something to look forward to in Toronto. It’s the best time for ice hockey and the perfect time to bring your skates out for ice skating.

Ice skating in Toronto is not just entertainment – it’s a tradition. Families schedule trips to ice skating rinks around Toronto, for fun and family bonding. So make sure you get in on this essential winter activity. Whether with friends, family, or even by yourself, ice skating in Toronto is one of the best winter traditions out there.

When Is The Best Time Of Year For Skating In Toronto?

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Although indoor ice skating rinks are mostly open all year round, it’s still a wonderful experience to ice skate outdoors.

Most outdoor ice skating rinks in Toronto are open from late November until March. At the same time, a lot of indoor ice skating rinks open for fall/winter and close later in March or April.

It’s best to check the ice skating rink’s schedule before coming in to make sure they are open and accepting customers.

The 8 Best Spots For Ice Skating In Toronto

ice skating toronto
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There are a lot of spots for ice skating in Toronto. Some of them are open most of the year, and some of them are open in the fall/winter season only.

Let’s explore some of the best spots for ice skating in Toronto.

1) The Bentway Skate Trail

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This place is great for both beginners and pros. The Bentway Skate Trail is well lit and the atmosphere is just right. Their crew is very supportive, plus you can also get free ice skating shoes every Thursday.

They also feature art installations, which add to the overall vibes of this ice skating spot. Just be sure to bring hand warmers so you don’t freeze, and so you can enjoy your time here as much as possible.

2) Colonel Samuel Smith Skating Trail

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The Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail is a free-to-use, public ice skating trail in Toronto. The trail is a decent size, so it fits quit a few people. However, you may want to come in early. Otherwise, the trail can easily get crowded later in the day.

This skating trail is also a waterfront park with lots of wildlife and a perfect spot for bird-watching. Additionally, they also have lights for night use and music you can enjoy as you skate.

3) Don Mills Civitan Arena

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Don Mills Arena is more known for being an ice skating rink for hockey games. However, they also open for beginners and recreational ice skating as well.

It’s a great ice skating spot in Toronto for kids to learn skating since it is safe and skating aids are also available. And it’s free, which is always a plus, right?

4)  Rideau Canal Skateway

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This is a great place to take your family on an ice skating date. The space is huge, so even though it can get crowded, there is still space for everyone.

Rideau Canal is free and there are also food stalls and establishments around the area. So when you get tired of ice skating, you can enjoy strolling around and enjoy the view.

Winter is the best time to visit and skate here, when you’ll enjoy the most optimal conditions.

5) Nathan Phillips Square

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image: @nathanphillipssquare on Instagram

This is one of the most joyous places you can ice skate in Toronto. The rink is huge and there’s always something happening around the area.

Nathan Phillips Square is lively with beautiful lights and music. And their holiday displays are always wonderful. People come in here not just to ice skate but also to just stroll around and appreciate the festive look of the place.

6) Giovanni Caboto Rink

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If you like outdoor sports, this is the perfect place to visit. It’s a park with a lot to offer.

During winter, this is one of the most visited outdoor ice skating rinks in Toronto. Aside from that, they also have courts for beach volleyball. During summer, there’s a nice, big pool just next door.

You can visit Giovanni Caboto not only for ice skating but also for its great community activities. One of the best reasons to visit them is their off-leash policy for your dogs.

7) Harbourfront Centre

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If you feel like skating beside a beautiful lake, this is perfect for you.

Harbourfront’s skating rink is located along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario. It has a breathtaking view, and ice skating in the area is certainly going to be a wonderful experience.

It’s also a beautiful place to stroll around during summer days. So whether you’re in for ice skating during winter or looking for a place to relax and enjoy the sun in summer, you can always visit here.

8) Rinx

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image: @the_rinx on Instagram

The Rinx is your family’s recreational destination. It’s an indoor ice skating rink in Toronto that also hosts hockey games.

Further, they open an ice skating rink for beginners who want to learn ice skating. Ice skating lessons are offered to kids, and they also have public sessions open to all.

Their beginner hockey programs are facilitated really well. They’re a great place to get your kid involved, exercising, and enjoying all the benefits of team sports!

We hope you enjoy your adventures in ice skating in Toronto this season!

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