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Idris Elba cast in ‘The Suicide Squad,’ Deadshot removed from the film

Idris Elba has been cast in The Suicide Squad, while the character Deadshot has been removed from the film. Previously, it was rumoured that Elba would be taking the role of Deadshot over from Will Smith, but now it has been revealed that Elba will be playing an entirely new character.

According to Variety, the British actor will be playing an unknown character in the next instalment of the series. A source revealed to them that the film’s team did not want to disrespect Smith by replacing his role with a new actor, as he is unable to be involved with The Suicide Squad because of scheduling conflicts.

Thus, Smith could still play Deadshot in future DC Extended Universe films, while Elba will be filling a new role entirely.

The forthcoming James Gunn-directed film is set for release on August 6th, 2021.
Lead photo courtesy of Harald Krichel.

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