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If You Ask Siri For a Prostitute, You’ll Be Sent To A Toronto Bar

Siri is very loyal. It’ll always remember your name or what you want it to call you; it can remind you of anything or direct you anywhere.

The last one is where the problems are happening.

As reported by The Star, Alvin Acyapan, who is the co-owner of Meltdown eSports Bar on College St., started receiving curious phone calls late into the night right after the grand opening of the bar.

People calling would ask for an escort.

At first, Acyapan thought this was a coincidence and people getting the wrong number. The Star did a number of tests where they asked Siri for “prostitutes,” “escorts,” and “hookers.” Each time, they were given the name of Meltdown eSports Bar along with their address, number, and all pertinent information.

So, if you’re in need, best not to ask the robot in your phone.

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