Ikea Considers Bringing ‘Take Back’ Program To Canada

This will allow customers to trade used furniture for store credit.

Have you ever had an old Ikea bed frame and selling it just seemed like too much of a hassle? Well Ikea may be bringing an environmentally and economically friendly solution to the table (pun intended).

The Ikea ‘take back’ program allows customers to trade used furniture for store credit. The furniture is then resold at a discounted price to customers or recycled. It’s basically a win-win situation.

Currently, similar environmentally friendly programs for used Ikea furniture are active in France and Belgium. The same could be done in Canada where Ikea runs 12 stores and 3 order-and-pickup locations.

Ikea Canada president, Stefan Sjostrand, says, “If we can have an impact on people’s lives at home, we could have a huge impact on the environment.”

However, the program could still be a few years away since Canadian stores simply do not have the capability to take back and resell items, even if only 10 percent of their customers returned old furniture.

The appetite for home furnishings in Western countries sparked this initiative, says Steve Howard, the head of sustainability at Ikea. Howard told a conference in January that this “peak” prompted the company to identify methods to encourage customers to repair and recycle Ikea products.

The ‘take back’ program is their solution.