Canada’s Federal election is October 19th, and the next day the country could have a fresh start. Using the hashtag #ImagineOct20th, the event promotes the idea of a new chapter for Canada. “This movement aims to battle electoral apathy in hopes of a change in governance. It’s a tool for unification between any/other progressive movements.”

Performances by:
Torquil Campbell, Feist, Dave Bidini, Joseph Boyden, Donovan Woods, Lowell, Brave Shores, Sarah Slean, Michael Healey, Emm Gryner, The Sadies, Ken Babstock, The Queer Songbook Orchestra, Brighit Fry, Lizzie Powell, Whitehorse, Caroline Brooks, Charles Spearin, Damian Rogers, Jason Collett, Matt Masters, Noah Richler & more

Raina spoke to Torquil Campbell of Stars, and event coordinator about the event, take a listen below:
Listen Now

For more information about the event, check out the #ImagineOct20th website.

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