In Case You Missed It: Week of March 23

New releases from Blur, Death Cab For Cutie, Florence + the Machine, and Brandon Flowers

A plethora of new releases came our way this week, but this the cream of the crop. Check out a haunting Black Box Session from Death Cab For Cutie, an absolute jam from the upcoming Brandon Flowers record, a swoony number from Florence + the Machine, and Blur released an interesting new tune.

Check out this weeks best shares below:

Step into the closet we call the Collective Arts Black Box for a double song session with Death Cab For Cutie.

Florence + the Machine share the second single from their upcoming record How Big How Blue How Beautiful. It’s a little more tender than what we’ve already heard. Get your ears on it below.

Blur is releasing a new LP called The Magic Whip and the songs do in fact sound like Blur! The song slowly builds into what you think is going to be a booming chorus but it goes in a different direction. Hear it for yourself below:

Brandon Flowers is going in a different direction on his upcoming solo record. Try not to picture a choreographed dance routine during the chorus, I dare you!