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Indie Anthology: Week of December 4th

Join us weekly as we make our way through the Indie Anthology and resurface some of the best archived tunes indie has to offer.

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Iggy Pop – “Real Wild Child (Wild One)”

Iggy Pop has shared a French cover of Elvis Costello’s “No Flag” this week, and in honour of the release, we’re resurfacing “Real Wild Child (Wild One).” Recently, Pop and Costello reminisced about the past via Zoom for Rolling Stone, where Costello mentioned that “No Flag” was one of the first songs recorded for his most recent album. “It shared one word and one letter with a famous song of yours [‘No Fun’],” Costello explains, “but nobody spotted where it was drawing from, because nobody expects me to take a cue from you.”


The Cure – “Friday I’m In Love”

The Cure’s Robert Smith has remixed Deftones’ “Teenager,” and in celebration, look back at The Cure’s hit track “Friday I’m In Love.” The new remix comes as part of Deftones’ White Pony remix album Black Stallion, which drops on December 11th. Listen to the remix here, and revisit “Friday I’m In Love” above.


R.E.M. – “Fall On Me”

Death Cab for Cutie have announced a new five-track collection called The Georgia E.P., which sees the indie giants covering artists from Georgia. The EP, which is exclusively available on Bandcamp today, sees Death Cab For Cutie covering R.E.M.’s “Fall On Me,” in addition to covers of TLC, Neutral Milk Hotel, Vic Chesnutt, and Cat Power. Learn more about the EP here, and revisit R.E.M.’s “Fall On Me” above.


Peter Gabriel – “In Your Eyes”

Peter Gabriel recently teamed up with Angélique Kidjo and Yo-Yo Ma for a performance of “Biko” as part of a. star-studded livestream called “Peace Through Music: A Global Event for Social Justice” to honour the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. Take a listen to Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” in honour of the collaboration above.


INXS – “Never Tear Us Apart”

INXS’s 2011 compilation The Very Best of INXS reached Diamond status in Australia this week, selling more than 500,000 copies. “Thank you ARIA AWARDS for acknowledging the DIAMOND Award for INXS’s THE VERY BEST,” the band says. “Congratulations to all the winners #whatayear.” Celebrate by listening to INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart” above!

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