Indie Beachy

We’ve been getting ready for summer in the Indie 88 office with a little pick-me-up called surf rock.

Obviously it’s nothing new, but in the past few years a lot of new bands have been opting for good vibrations. So if you’re like us and want to feel like your ears are on a beach – here are a few songs to get you in the mood.

Beach Fossils  – This Brooklyn foursome seem to tackle the genre in the way that attacks that spot in your brain that misses summer the most. Take a listen to Shallow and you should get a good idea of what we mean. If this doesn’t make you long for a quality day on a shoreline, well, then you may not have a soul.

Bahamas – We’re kind of cheating with this one. Alfie Jurvanen is best known for sticking with folk or carrying the weight of other Canadian bands. But take a listen to this track off of his latest Bahamas record and you’ll see why we included it.

Best Coast – We don’t care how many “overrated” lists Crazy for You got on when it came out. In the past few years, it’s been one of the best albums to throw on and enjoy. It’s not overly complex, but then again, that’s the idea. Take a listen to the title track and decide for yourself.

The Beach Boys – Yeah, yeah…we already know what you’re going to say: “this is hardly new music, now is it?” But these surf rock pioneers are back for a few reunion gigs this year. They’ll be at Bonnaroo teaching the kids how it’s done. So until then, listen to this and avoid getting sand kicked in your face by that meathead trying to steal your steady girl.


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