Indie Music from France

La musique indépendant de France

Spending my summer vacation in France got me thinking about all the cool English music that’s come out of a French speaking country. Crack open a can of foie gras (don’t) and check out some of my favourites:

Justice (Paris)
Names don’t get any Frencher than Gaspard Michel Augé and Xavier de Rosnay and the duo got a lot of attention for this awesome video in 2007.


M83 (Antibes)
Anthony Gonzales is now based out of LA but you can still hear his thick French accent when he sings lines like “There’s a magic inside” (Zere’s a majick inside…!)


Phoenix (Versailles)
Did you know Phoenix was around for 10 years before their breakout album Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 2009? Moving to Paris paid off.


Air (Versailles)
Their releases Moon Safari and The Virgin Suicides were both listed in Rollingstone’s Top 100 French Rock Albums and this track is a classic jam for me.


Daft Punk (Paris)
BBC Productions France is producing an hour long Daft Punk documentary to air in 2015 – it’ll track their rise from the early beginning to superstardom.