Indie / Pop Collaborations

Indie artists that lend a helping hand to the pop genre

Before you cast judgement on pop music, check out how some very reputable artists have made some very catchy music.​

Taylor Swift has about 500 people credited with somehow helping make her album Red so this isn’t that surprising but Owen Pallett is listed as “Orchestral Arrangements Conductor” on her song “The Last Time”.

Owen Pallett‘s musical resume is actually very extensive. Go look at the “Other Contributions” section of his Wikipedia page to see how many bands he’s worked with, all of them with much more reputable names than Taylor Swift. This is just one of the songs he did the strings on for The National.

Rancid’s Tim Armstrong is credited as co-writing and producing 9 of the 14 songs on Pink‘s 2003 album Try This including this one.

Ben Cook of Fucked Up looks like he’s made a lot of money from “ghost writing” songs for Canadian pop acts. He’s wrote songs for Sum 41, Simple Plan, and as he puts it, “the worst band in Canada” with “the most annoying front man”, Hedley. He says if someone wants to pay him to write a song, even if it’s the most evil music like Hedley, he’ll do it. Since it’s “ghost writing” we can’t really know what songs he’s done, but it’s rumoured that it’s this song for Hedley.

David Bowie wrote “Golden Years” with the intention of giving it to Elvis Presley. Elvis refused it and a couple years later died.

Kesha‘s 2012 album Warrior has indie musicians all over it including Patrick Carney, Wayne Coyne, Iggy Pop, and The Strokes. “Dirty Love” was not only inspired by Iggy Pop’s music, but he co-wrote and sang on it to. ​

This song sounds like it was heavily influenced by The Strokes because they are on it. Julian Casablancas helped out with it and Fab Moretti is the drummer. Casablancas wrote a lot of guitar solos for The Strokes and the one in this song sounds very familiar.