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Indie pop duo Bestfriend announce new EP, share nostalgic new single ‘Hannah In The City’

Indie pop duo Bestfriend have announced their new EP, Places I’ve Lived, is out on October 1st. As part of the announcement, they’ve shared a new single, “Hannah In The City.”

The sweet, yet angsty new track sees Bestfriend at their most relatable. The transportive, nostalgic new single is all about missed opportunities. “Hannah In The City” sees the band’s Stacy Kim and Kaelan Geoffrey delivering bittersweet, tender bedroom pop melodies.

“It’s a happy-sad-angry reminiscing song all about potential / possibilities / the idea that a relationship might not have fallen apart if we’d just done this or that – all while knowing in the back of your head that it was obviously doomed to fail in the first place,” Kim explains. “The paradox of thinking about all the ‘what-if’ questions while having the answer right in front of you, clear as day. We’d be fine if you hadn’t moved away. You didn’t want kids. You didn’t want to get married. You don’t get along with my friends. Scapegoating the symptoms instead of acknowledging the truth: it was never gonna work out.”

Listen to “Hannah In The City” below.

Places I’ve Lived was written and produced entirely by Bestfriend, and mixed by Travis Ference.

Bestfriend started half through a mutual friend and half through Instagram DMs in 2018. Kim and Geoffrey make music from thousands of miles apart, sharing .wav files back and forth. Where Geoffrey offers up dreamy synths, Kim delivers melodious vocals. Thematically, the pair explore feelings of uncertainty in many different ways.

Places I’ve Lived is part one in a series of letters. The tracks on the collection serve as dedications to the places and people that Bestfriend have grown out of. It will be closely followed by their sister EP, Places I’ve Left.

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