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Indie Rock Astrology: April Babies

There are a ton of musicians born in April! This makes them either an Aries (leaders of the pack, charming, charismatic, maybe a little arrogant…) or a Taurus (bull headed and stubborn, practical and reliable… self indulgent beasts). Sounds about right when you think of a rock star!

Let’s start off with the quintessential birthday song:

Mike Ness of Social Distortion turned 52 on April 3rd (Aries)

Mike McCready of Pearl Jam turned 48 on April 5th (Aries)

Pharrell Williams turned the big 4-0 on April 5th (Aries)

Black Francis from Pixies turned 49 on April 6th (Aries)

Ezra Koenig hits the big 3-0 on April 8th (Aries)

Brian Setzer turns 55 on April 10th (Aries)

Win Butler of Arcade Fire turns 34 on April 14th (Aries)

Iggy Pop‘s 67th birthday is April 21st (Taurus)

Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National turn 38 on April 23rd (Taurus)

Willie Nelson is 81 on April 30th (Taurus)

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