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Indie Rock Astrology: July Babies

There are lots of famous July babies! Either they’re a Cancer (they wear their hearts on their sleeves, they’re moody, have a temptation to be selfish, they’re loyal, loving, and quick to show affection), or they’re a Leo (they LOVE being centre stage, their key life phrase is “I Shine”, they’re motivated, imposing and ambitious… very rock n’ roll!).

Let’s give ’em all a rock n roll birthday!

Nick O’Malley of Arctic Monkeys turned 29 on July 5th.

Kate Nash turned 27 yesterday, July 6th.

Beck celebrates his 44th July 8th.

Jack White is one year closer to 40… he turns 39 July 9th.

Courtney Love is the big 5-0 July 9th!

Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys has a big birthday July 10th as he turns 60.

Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons will be 27 on July 14.

M.I.A. will be 39 on July 18.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden is halfway to 100! He turns 50 on July 20th.

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard turns 48 on the 20th of July.

Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth will be 56 on July 25th.

Danger Mouse will be partying on July 29th as he turns 37.

Kate Bush will be 56 on July 30th.

Will Champion from Coldplay is 36 on the 31st of July.

Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim is one year older on July 31st, he turns 51.

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