Indie88 Advance Stream: Youth Lagoon ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’

Youth Lagoon's third studio album will surely not disappoint

When we’re really young, one of the first things we learn (hopefully) from our parents is how to treat others. We learn that it’s important to treat people the way you’d want to be treated, with kindness and respect. It’s fundamental to getting along in this world.

Despite all those years of learning about how to treat others, we’re not always taught how to treat ourselves. Learning how to take care of yourself, and be self-aware is equally as important as the golden rule. That pursuit of self knowledge is a big theme for Youth Lagoon’s Trevor Powers on his band’s upcoming album Savage Hills Ballroom.

Coming off of 2013’s Wondrous Bughouse and his debut record The Year of Hibernation in 2011, Powers has gone though a metamorphosis of introspective struggles. His debut album dealt with the heavy burden of anxiety and panic attacks and the fear of death, while his sophomore album looked outwards to the cosmos for answers.

It would be miraculous to say that he’s come up with any of those answers on Savage Hills Ballroom, but he’s started to accept the things he can’t change in himself. “I’ve gone on this spiritual journey to learn more about myself and my faults and all this stuff that I’ve tended to ignore for a really long time,” Powers explains. “It’s so much easier to go through each day and forget the previous day or forget the hurtful things you said to someone or whatever it might be, just the shitty parts of your life.”

Though deep-rooted in psychedelic and lo-fi, the latest release goes beyond the expected conventions of it’s genre. Droning bass, fluttering synth textures meshed with organic tones and instruments, all layered under Powers’ introspection leaves this LP bursting at the seams with character.

Trevor Powers might not have all the answers, but this album was a logical step in the right direction. Perhaps his records are part of a bigger picture, — a journey to discover your own identity, while being content with the present and hopeful for the future.

Take a listen to the entire stream of Savage Hills Ballroom above, which will be formally released September 25th via Fat Possum Records.