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Indie88 Album Premiere: Library Voices unveil ‘Lovish’

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The bond between childhood friends who grew up together rocking out in basements, reading science fiction and goofing off could very well be the strongest adhesive known to man.

To say that Regina born-and-raised Library Voices have had a tough time is a massive understatement. The band has faced gear theft, severe water damage to their backup equipment, and a rat infestation in their van. After a seemingly never ending battle with fate for during their 2011 Summer of Lust tour, the band needed some time to regroup and took a break.

Two years later they came together to collaborate again, only slightly before frontman Carl Johnson and bassist Eoin Hickey-Cameron were severely injured after being attacked by a group of thugs. Johnson suffered a concussion and blood pooling at the front of his brain, leaving him with no sense of foul odor and a “long road to recovery”. Keep that in mind while listening.

As ridiculous as the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is, I can’t think of a better description for Library Voices’ returning LP, Lovish. This group of seven childhood friends’ “long road to recovery” seemed to have done the opposite of deter them. Unsure of the future of Johnson’s songwriting abilities after his injury, he ended up providing Lovish with seven tracks, and Brennan Ross writing the remaining four, including the first single “Oh Donna!” and peppy-melancholic anthem, “Sunburnt in L.A.”.

Bringing fuzz and elemental rock vibes into the game, Lovish could be a Black Keys album, but far more relatable. Taking a light approach to the dark side of love, you’d never expect to hear something this fun that was actually recorded in an old funeral home. It’s not quite a love album, and it’s definitely not a sad one; it’s love-“ish”.

Lovish comes out November 6th via Nevado Records.


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